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Re: BDB 4.2.50 [finally] available

--On Tuesday, November 25, 2003 3:58 PM -0600 Lars Peterson <lars@itech-mke.com> wrote:

After hacking configure, you were able to successfully build and install
2.1.23? Are the existing 4.1.x bdb files compatible, or would this
upgrade require a slapcat/slapadd?

I just got it built. :) Here is what I find so far:

You cannot use an existing DB-4.1 database.
You cannot use slapcat to export an existing DB-4.1 database.

So to upgrade:

1) slapcat DB with your 4.1 build.

2) Install 4.2 build (bdb & openldap)

3) slapadd your DB


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