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Re: MacOS X logins very, very slow or failing with Openldap 2.1.23...FIX

So turns out that MacOS X is very slow if Users record type is mapped at all. RFC 2307 mapps to posixAccount, inetOrgPerson, and shadowAccount. Deleted these and get login with kerberos and openafs homes in 15 seconds or so.
I hope this saves someone else time.

Everette Gray Allen wrote:

So,I have:
solaris 2.8 (netra, gig of ram, no other services) running openldap 2.1.23 with 65k records indexed:
index objectClass eq
index uid eq
index uidNumber eq
index gidNumber eq

Schemas which build default with opendap (ie no Apple schema).

disallow bind_anon

access  to attr=userPassword
by self               read
by anonymous          auth
by *                  none
access  to dn="^.*,uid=([^,]+),ou=People,(.*)$"
by dn="uid=$1,ou=People,$2"             read
by *                                    none
access  to *
by self         read
by users        read
by *            none

using simple binds over tls/ssl with saslauthd -a kerberos5 (all this works well).

So from stock MacOS X 10.3.1 can:
/usr/local/bin/ldapsearch -H "ldaps://loopback.edu/" -x -D "uid=tester,ou=people,dc=ncsu,dc=edu" -W -b 'dc=ncsu,dc=edu' '(objectclass=*)'
Provide password and get only that user's data back in <15 sec
something like
/usr/local/bin/ldapsearch -H "ldaps://uni01ds.unity.ncsu.edu/" -x -D "uid=tester,ou=people,dc=ncsu,dc=edu" -W -b 'dc=ncsu,dc=edu' '(uid)'
returns in < 1 sec.
All works great. No problem.
Now want to use this to login.
Ok use directory setup. Enter everything, use RFC 2703 (UNIX) mappings
search base is dc=ncsu,dc=edu (even tried narrowing Users map to ou=people,dc=ncsu,dc=edu). Set the login to same user as will login from console id dn= uid=tester,ou=people,dc=ncsu,dc=edu.
from terminal id tester returns in about 20 seconds with correct info
lookupd -d userWithName tester returns in about 20 seconds as well. All works.
Now logout, restart, whatever does not make difference.
Try to login as tester and if I get loggin it takes about 4 minutes.
Not good.
My questions:
Is anyone actually using this setup?
What am I doing wrong?
Any help would be appreciated!!!

-- Everette Gray Allen Systems Programmer II ITD Computing Services Macintosh Support Specialist 2620 Hillsborough St, Campus Box 7109 Raleigh, NC 27695-7109 919-515-4558 Everette_Allen@ncsu.edu