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Re: A question about search bases.

On Sat, Nov 22, 2003 at 10:34:15AM -0700, Rick Stewart wrote:

> I'd like to have separate LDAP trees for each domain --
> dc=domain1,dc=com; dc=domain2,dc=org -- is there a way to search all the
> trees at once? I've perused the documentation, but it seems as though
> I'm the only who wants to do such a thing.

If all your trees reside in the same LDAP server then you might
be able to specify NULLDN (an empty string) as the search base on a
subtree search. This will prevent you from linking to any other LDAP
servers though, so it is not a completely future-proof solution.

Slightly safer idea: put all the trees under a common root. Thus, if
you are bigisp.com you might use ou=customers,dc=bigisp,dc=com which
would give you entries like this:


You still have to keep all the data in a single LDAP server if you
want quick search results, but at least you are not creating namespace
conflicts that would prevent you from linking up to a global LDAP
service in future. (I run a multi-domain mail service that uses this

A better solution might be to have the client programs search first
for a list of valid search bases and then issue one search under each.

It all depends on the application - e.g. is white-pages lookup for
presentation to people the most important thing, or is this really a
backend database to drive your mail system.

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