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autofs+LDAP auto.master migration

I've had my auto.master and all the other maps stored in openldap-2.0.27 on Red Hat Linux for a long time now, and they're just fine. We're migrating up to openldap-2.1.22, present on both Fedora Core 1 and Debian (which we're testing in anticipation of a migration away from RHL in January). The automount master map was an nisMapName with nisMapObjects and automounts in 2.0.27. Those do not replicate at all out to a 2.1.22 slave server I currently have in place. The Debian autofs.schema doesn't even USE nisMapName and etc, so I need to change my autofs layout entirely. I'd appreciate some help.

We've got /home/here/my_dir and /home/there/your_dir being automounted, depending on whether I or you login to the box. There are no home dirs under /home directly; they're all subdivided on the $HOME server according to user locale. I'd appreciate a quick LDIF if someone has this just on the tip of their tongue. My thanks in advance.


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