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Re: bdb corruption when openldap is stressed

Search the list for dbd corruption. You need to set up your DB_CONFIG file with more cache.

james liang wrote:
I am doing a bunch for stress test on an openldap server.  the test basically involves hitting the openldap server using a multi threaded client apps that reads and writes constantly to openldap (read to write is 5:1).  during the stress test the slapd core'd on me a couple times and left behind corrupted bdb files.  i had to run db_recover to recover from the corruption.  I tried this on openldap 2.1.22 and openldap 2.1.23 under redhat 9 running on a Dell box with a Pentium 4 cpu.  i have the following questions:

1.  how reliable is db_recover?  given a choice between restoring the database from tape vs using db_recover which is more better?

2.  has anyone else run into bdb corruption when openldap is stress tested?

3.  anything i can do to reduce the chance for corruption?

-thanks James