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ldapdelete failure

Hi, *!

I am recently experimenting with different DIT and came across strange behaviour of the ldapdelete tool:
bash> ldapdelete -v -x -c -r -W -D "cn=Admin,dc=uni-potsdam,dc=de" "ou=People,dc=uni-potsdam,dc=de"

deleting entry "ou=People,dc=uni-potsdam,dc=de"
deleting children of: ou=People,dc=uni-potsdam,dc=de
Delete Result: Operation not allowed on non-leaf (66)
Additional info: subtree delete not supported

The DN is the root DN specified in the slapd.conf, so I should have any permisions on any object in the db, shouldn't I?

This behaviour occures independently on are there entries below the ou=People or not. And it occures only on the ou=People. Other OUs, like Groups etc. are deleted even if there are entries below them!

Any hints?


openLDAP 2.1.22
Linux RedHat 9.0