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[openldap 2.1.12 + BerkeleyDb 4.1.24] db_checkpoint pb


I have some pb with the checkpointing procedure.
In my crontab I added a shell script (cf. file in attachment) enabling to make every hour:
1. db_archive (in order to remove the inactive database log files)
2. db_checkpoint (to write into the backing database file the changes to the database that are part of committed transactions)
3. db_archive (in order to remove again the inactive database log files)

But, often my script can be blocked (db_checkpoint seems failed) and I can't restart correctly openldap
To restart correctly my openldap server I need to make a db_recover
But our customer is absolutely not glad to stop the service regularly ...

So do you have an idea about this pb ?
Best regards,

Working Environment :
Linux redhat 7.3
Berkley 4.1.24
openldap 2.1.12
database-backend: bdb

Attachment: dbCheckpoint.sh
Description: Bourne shell script