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Re: Common Address Book

> I can now authenticate my users to evolution, getting it to display my
> entries is the next challenge. I think this is to do with the fact I
> have not filled in any of the evolutionperson.schema entries yet. Here's
> hoping anyway.
A quick follow up to this problem I thought I had.
Another embarrassingly simple thing, but hopefully this might prevent
anyone else tearing their hair out.
When I open the ldap directory in evolution I get the message No Items
to display.
After much swearing, pulling out of hair and other tantrum type stuff I
clicked in the search field and pressed enter.
By magic all the entries in my directory appeared.
So, be warned if the entries are available from the command line, but
not in evolution, it may just be that evolution wants to be told to
search for something, rather than automatically displaying all entries.

Hope this can help someone, sometime.