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multimaster help/advice


someone could advice about multimaster
environment with  several open-ldap
servers, writing me:
- if openldap do it or no, and how if yes;
- if exist any product that do it, (Sun, Novell, others ?);
- if this is or is not a feature that
  is build from LDAP like databases ( what type of product/
  software is more suitable )?

A scenario like this: five to ten
educational units, with one open-ldap
server with its own set of users.
But when I request an login/passwd/profile
request to one of then, the server that has the
information would pass it to the server I
made the request ?

I see in list examples of two
multimaster examples, but not for several.

How can I make to work such an environment ?

Server A points to Server B; and Server C points
to another; and the last points to the first ?
Or all servers have to point out all servers
each other ?

I imagine a use for it as a central authentication
and profile repository for services like webmail
accounts, Radius accounts, dial-up accounts,
Wireless LAN access accounts, etc; where I can
activate a user in per-service basis, i.e.
user1 can use services A, B, C and user2 can use
only C and D, etc.

thanks for long reading,


 | Nelson T Yunaka  <yunakaof-AT-usp-dot-br>