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Re: Search results not complete at base level after slapd start


"Hall, Ken (IDS ECCS)" <ken_hall@ml.com> writes:

> Running Openldap 2.1.4, the base of my directory tree contains seven
> entries in the following order: Two admin accounts, "ou=People",
> "ou=Groups", "ou=mounts", "cn=uidmin", and "cn=uidmax".
> The last two entries store the "next available UID number" range for
> my maintenance scripts.
> This worked fine with Openldap 2.0, but I've noticed since upgrading
> to 2.1 that when slapd first starts, searches will not return all of
> the DN's at the base of the tree. The ones missing are always happen
> to be the last two or three added, which happen to be the "mounts",
> "uidmin" and "uidmax" entries.  This is the case for both generic
> searches, and specific ones like "cn=uidmin".
> If I repeat the search a few times, it eventually finds the entries,
> but this causes problems with my maintenance scripts.  The behavior is
> present both for ldapsearch, and a Windows-based LDAP browser, so I
> know it's not just the search process failing.
> Since the problem is so intermittent, I'm not sure how to go about
> writing a bug report for it. I'm going to try to duplicate it in a
> controlled environment.

How many entries?
What database?
cachsize of database?
are the relevant attributes indexed?
If database is bdb, do a db_stat


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