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Re: Search results not complete at base level after slapd start

Hi Ken,

have you rebuild your index (see >man slapindex)?
Probably, your DB-index is corrupt.


Hall, Ken (IDS ECCS) wrote:

Running Openldap 2.1.4, the base of my directory tree contains seven entries in the following order: Two admin accounts, "ou=People", "ou=Groups", "ou=mounts", "cn=uidmin", and "cn=uidmax".

The last two entries store the "next available UID number" range for my maintenance scripts.

This worked fine with Openldap 2.0, but I've noticed since upgrading to 2.1 that when slapd first starts, searches will not return all of the DN's at the base of the tree. The ones missing are always
happen to be the last two or three added, which happen to be the "mounts", "uidmin" and "uidmax" entries. This is the case for both generic searches, and specific ones like "cn=uidmin".

The admin accounts, "people", and "groups" are always found.  "mounts" will be missing occasionally (causing automount problems), and "uidmin" and "uidmax" are almost always missing right after
starting slapd.

If I repeat the search a few times, it eventually finds the entries, but this causes problems with my maintenance scripts.  The behavior is present both for ldapsearch, and a Windows-based LDAP
browser, so I know it's not just the search process failing.

Since the problem is so intermittent, I'm not sure how to go about writing a bug report for it. I'm going to try to duplicate it in a controlled environment.

I can't easily upgrade Openldap.  The distro I'm using has somewhat backleveled build utilities, so recent versions won't build.  Upgrading the build utilities turned into a serious mess, so I've
given it up for now.  If there's a fix for this problem, I can get the distro vendor to implement it in 2.1.4 though.

Has anyone seen this?  Is there a solution?  Thanks.

--  Andreas Gabriel
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