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Re: RFC2307bis

draft-howard-rfc2307bis-00.txt has expired.
internet-drafts are working documents of the IETF and have limited life-span of 6 months. If the document is not revised or progressed to the IETF, it is expired and deleted.
Yes and until a new RFC obsoleting rfc2307 is published, RFC 2307 is the authoritative source for posixGroup.



Bedo Sandor wrote:


I have read references to RFC2307bis, that goes aroung groupping
in LDAP [posixGrou vs., groupOf(Unique)?Names)].  On www.ietf.org
there's a message that says RFC2307bis is deleted.

Is RFC2307 authoritative about posixGroup?  Is it recommended to
use groupOf.*Names instead posixGroup?  What's the truth?  How to
do groupping things with grace?

-- Ludovic Poitou Directory Architect. Directory Server Group, Grenoble, France Sun Microsystems Inc.

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