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Re: Search filter wackyness

Luke Pascoe wrote:

Our ldap database has objects with the following attributes (amongst others):

When I search with this filter "(mail=my@email.address.com)" it matches any record where:
a) mail = my@email.address.com
b) maildrop = my@email.address.com
c) mailacceptinggeneralid = my@email.address.com

Obviously there's some funky wildcard foo going on there, but all the docs I can find suggest this is NOT normal behaviour.

Where do you get those whacky attributes from? To me it says: "Postfix". But your filter isn't a Postfix filter.

For Postfix (and nothing else) I search attributes with variables like %u, %s etc and all works as documented: "(mail=%u@email.address.com)" or "(mail=%s)", the latter where the FQDN email.address.com has been specified as 'domain' in the Postfix LDAP data search rule.

What client are you using for your lookups? What version, what Openldap version? Me as up-to-date Openldap and Postfix snapshot as make no difference.


Tony Earnshaw

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