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RE: Intro and question

On Wed, 2003-11-12 at 17:54, Howard Chu wrote:
> At a site where UIDs need to be uniform (e.g., for the benefit of NFS) it's
> advisable to keep GIDs uniform as well.

	We don't keep UID's uniform for NFS reasons (except on individual
clusters), but we do have very good reasons for distinct GID's.

> As for maintaining node-specific user information - I'd suggest extending
> nss_ldap to support searching for child entries of users, and having the
> node-specific variants live in those child entries. Note that this is an
> nss_ldap question, not specifically an OpenLDAP software question; the
> discussion properly belongs on the nssldap@padl.com mailing list.

	Thanks - I will probably contact them as well to see what can be done
on the client side. We want to avoid hacking up the client code, but if
it can be handled with just configuration directives, that would be

	I appreciate that everyone is trying to "think outside the box", but
does this mean that there isn't a solution to the problem I've posed?

Steve Chan <sychan@lbl.gov>