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Re: chaining replication to setup a delta backup scheme

--On Tuesday, November 11, 2003 7:04 PM -0500 james liang <blueyonder@excite.com> wrote:

Couple of reasons.

1.  the daily change is very small but the total data size is huge.  to
backup everything every day is wasteful.

2.  The primary has to be always on and has to handle a large volume of
traffic.  I need to minimize any performance impact to production.

3.  I need multiple days of delta.  This way I can rollback everything up
to the number of days of delta I keep.

We have quite a large DB. However, by using slapcat to dump it to ldif and then the gzip, we end up with a fairly manageable size file (54M), and then we use an intelligent system to roll the dumps, so we have up to 5 days (but that is configurable) that we can drop back to. Our daily change is rather large though. I don't see what having your primary be always on has to do with whether or not you do a backup of the master, which I'd suggest keeping separate.


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