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Re: slapd 2.1.22 segfaults with subordinate and sasl

--On Tuesday, November 11, 2003 7:15 PM -0500 Tom Riddle <ftr@highstreetnetworks.com> wrote:

I am experiencing a segfault in slapd configured with a subordinate backend:

datebase ldbm
suffix "ou=nyc,o=xyz"

datebase ldap
suffix "o=xyz"
uri ldap://serverA

When I try:
% ldapsearch -Y digest-md5 -U user1 -b 'ou=nyc,o=xyz' -s sub -LLL

The debug log says:
slap_sasl2dn: performing internal search (base=ou=nyc,o=xyz, scope=2)

Why is it trying to connect to serverA ?  Looking at the code we see:
in slap_sasl2dn(), severs/slapd/saslauthz.c line 609:

    /* Must do an internal search */
    be = select_backend( &dn, 0, 1 );

We are passing true for the last argument - noSubs
And in select_backend(), servers/slapd/backend.c lines 555,556:

            if ( ( SLAP_GLUE_SUBORDINATE( &backends[i] ) ) && noSubs ) {

So we see that the code is purposely skipping the subordinate backend.
Is this correct ? It does not look right to me.  Should we actually be
passing 0 as the last arg to select_backend() ??

Searching the archives reveals a similar problem:
Was that ever resolved ?

This is why ITS's should be filed, instead of reporting bugs to the list.



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