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Hello alls!!!

i want to introduce the posixgroups in my ldap.
i have one application that needs validate the users when log in.

anybody knows documents (how to) that explain the use of posixGroups (the standar)
i had thought an DIT's architecture like this:
- ou=users
- cn=user1
- cn=user2
- ou=application
- cn=application1-adms
where - are son node and + are attributes
my application to validate user1 will make the next steps
1. search basedn="cn=application1-adms,ou=application,o=myorg,c=es" scope=sub filter=(memberUid=user1)
2. bind to dn="cn=user1,ou=users,o=myorg,c=es"

are this steps the usually sequence?


Agustin Torres-Ternero Alvarez