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Handling of outstanding operations when UNBIND

I have been checking the OpenLDAP behaviour when receiving a BIND or UNBIND operation when there are outstanding operations from that client. I have seen a different behaviour from the BIND and UNBIND process. In case of receiving a BIND, the pending operations are abandoned, whereas when receiving an UNBIND, the pending operations are not abandoned but completed before processing the UNBIND.
RFC 2251 says something similar for both cases, BIND and UNBIND, in terms of handling outstanding operations:

Chapter 4.2.1. Sequencing of the Bind Request
"...A subsequent bind process has the effect of abandoning all operations outstanding on the connection."

Chapter 4.3. Unbind Operation
"...Upon receipt of an UnbindRequest, a protocol server may assume that the requesting client has terminated the session and that all outstanding requests may be discarded, and may close the connection."

So, the question is, why OpenLDAP behaves different for the UNBIND, why it does not abandon outstanding operations like when receiving a BIND?

Thanks in advance,