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userPassword not SINGLE-VALUE ?


maybe a stupid question, but in what schema is the userPassword attribute 
defined ?

I am using 


and my own schema,

but in noe of them is userPassword defined. (It's defined in core.schema and 
cosine.schema, but for some reason commented out).

I am asking this, because I tried to add userPassword as a Multi Valued 
attribute, and it worked (i.e. I seem to have an entry which has two 
userPasswords now).

My questions:

- where is attibutetype userPassword defined ?
- is attribute userPassword meant to be Multivalued ?
- if so, how does an application (qmail, proftpd, whatever) determine which 
userPassword to use ? Will it always use 'the first' ? 

As usual, surprised and confused.


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