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Re: Can't contact LDAP server

I truss'd the ldapsearch and found out it is looking for ldap.conf under
openldap dir.

I moved it from /etc to openldap dir and added this in the ldap.conf

TLS_CACERT /path/to/the/ca-certificate-file

Now it does not complain about the self certificate.

Asif Iqbal
There's no place like

On Fri, 7 Nov 2003, Asif Iqbal wrote:

> If I don't declare the host and port
> /usr/local/bin/ldapsearch -d 9 -x -ZZ -b 'dc=qwestip,dc=net' '(objectclass=*)'
> I get the real error message
> [....]
> ldap_msgfree
> TLS trace: SSL_connect:before/connect initialization
> TLS trace: SSL_connect:SSLv2/v3 write client hello A
> TLS trace: SSL_connect:SSLv3 read server hello A
> TLS certificate verification: depth: 1, err: 19, subject:
> /C=US/ST=VA/L=Arlington/O=Qwest
> Communications/OU=IPNNS/CN=Systems/emailAddress=systems@qwestip.net, issuer:
> /C=US/ST=VA/L=Arlington/O=Qwest
> Communications/OU=IPNNS/CN=Systems/emailAddress=systems@qwestip.net
> TLS certificate verification: Error, self signed certificate in certificate
> chain
> TLS trace: SSL3 alert write:fatal:unknown CA
> TLS trace: SSL_connect:error in SSLv3 read server certificate B
> TLS trace: SSL_connect:error in SSLv3 read server certificate B
> TLS: can't connect.
> ldap_perror
> ldap_start_tls: Connect error (91)
>         additional info: error:14090086:SSL
> routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed
> This is my first time trying to use Secure LDAP
> Any help with this is greatly appreciated