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Re: undefined attribute


haven't you a definition of attributetype nisDomain
in your nis.schema?

attributetype ( NAME 'nisDomain'
	DESC 'NIS domain'

And there is also a wrong ldif listing of your entry, because you are using
only objectclasses of type ABSTRACT and AUXILIARY. You need also
an ObjectClass of type STRUCTURAL. In addition, the attribute of any RDN
is always a MUST attribute (implicitly).

> dn: dc=qwestip,dc=net
> objectclass: top
> objectclass: nisDomainObject
> nisDomain: qwestip.net
> adding new entry dc=qwestip,dc=net
> ldap_add_s: Undefined attribute type

# The right entry listing is following

dn: dc=qwestip,dc=net
objectclass: top
objectclass: domain
objectclass: nisDomainObject
dc: qwestip
nisDomain: qwestip.net

A. Gabriel

Asif Iqbal wrote:
Anyone would know if I should have nisDomain in the first place as an attribute


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