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Re: need help with slurpd

--On Tuesday, November 04, 2003 9:16 PM -0800 Barrow H Kwan <BKwan@thoughtworks.com> wrote:

I start everything with -d 65535 ( ie master slapd, slave slapd and slurpd on master )

when I updated userpassword on master, it create the slurpd.replog, but
slurpd didn't do anything.  nothing show up on the slave slapd's log or
the slurpd log.  It looks like slurpd didn't know it needs to replica.

the last few message on slurpd are ..... Config: (lastmod on) Config: ** configuration file successfully read and parsed begin replication thread for ldap02.examplecom:389

I have serious doubts that your replica's hostname is ldap02.examplecom or even ldap02.example.com. You'll need to point it to a real host for it to do anything.


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