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Re: Case sensitive LDAP

Hi,Stephan Siano

    thanks a lot, I'm busy today, so I just use the command of ldapsearch to test, but it's the same, my ldap's ver is 2.0.7, may i update our ldap or something? funthermore, I'm wonder whether we must get an OID ? 


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>cron schrieb:
>| Hi, Stephan Siano
>| yes, I have included the school.schema in the configuration file of
>slapd.conf, and have not got any errors when it startup, furthermore,
>our ldap work well except it can't diff "Cron" and "cron", when I login
>in by those word, it can login in too. I use perl to do that .
>so you got an object with an attribute teacher=cron. Try using the
>ldapsearch command included in OpenLDAP with the filter
>"(teacher=Cron)". If you still find the entry which has a teacher
>attribute set to cron (and not Cron) that might be a bug in the
>OpenLDAP-Version you are using, otherwise it might be an issue with your
>|   sorry for I miss a letter "E" in "QUALITY", that errors I have overcome.
>|   I have read the Admin Doc of openldap.org entirely, but I can't got
>an unique OID . I ignored that because our servers can work well except
>the case-insensitive problem. how to apply an unique OID, it's a
>mountain for me.
>try www.iana.org
>Stephan Siano
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