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RE: ldap newbie

Implementing Central address-book with ldap directory is quit easy, just
seek in google for "ldap address book"
About qmail with ldap, this solution works just fine in my organization,
I advice you first to read Openldap's admin guide, after that go through
www.lifewithqmail.com/ldap to patch qmail read its content based on ldap

Have fun.

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Subject: ldap newbie

Hi  , 

I have a dream , 

for the whole organization 

central addressbook ,  ( openldap any other solution ?)
mailserver authenticates with ldap.	( qmail and ldap any other
solution ? )
IM  server authenticates with ldap. ( jabber with LDAP  any other
solution ?)

but then its just a  a dream , I know it all starts with strong
of LDAP , at which point i wake up .

All you heavenly gurus of LDAP community guide me to in fullfilling my


Syed Atif Ali
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