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RE: OpenLDAP 2.1.23 build fails

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> It's not linking in the kerberos libraries.. did you specify
> --with-kerberos and --with-kpasswd when you ran configure for
> openldap?

Neither of those switches are needed for SASL/GSSAPI. Don't use them.
OpenLDAP doesn't directly call any Kerberos functions when using GSSAPI, it
only calls SASL. The SASL GSSAPI module then calls Kerberos using GSSAPI. As
such, OpenLDAP only depends on the SASL library being built correctly.

> On Thu, 2003-10-30 at 16:52, jukka-openldap@2003.salmi.ch wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm trying to build OpenLDAP 2.1.23 on a NetBSD 1.6.1 i386 machine.
> > I'd like OpenLDAP to use GSSAPI to authenticate. Kerberos (heimdal
> > 0.4e) and Cyrus SASL (2.1.15, built with GSSAPI support) libraries
> > are installed. But OpenLDAP doesn't build:

> > Help is appreciated!
> >
> > TIA, Jukka
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