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Re: Proxy Ldap Backend for Ipswich Imail

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From: "Gerald (Jerry) Carter" <jerry@samba.org>

> If it were me, I would just make one up for internal use.  I would just
> base it on a DirectoryString or IA5String.
> ~  attributetype ( NAME 'DomainName'
> ~        DESC 'DNS Domain Name used by IPswitch server'
> ~        EQUALITY caseIgnoreIA5Match
> ~        SYNTAX{256} SINGLE-VALUE )

OK, that did it.  I substituted a 1 for each x and did not get any conflicts 
but that allowed the suffixmassage mapping and now the ldapsearch results are 
as expected.  Guess I'll have to get my own enterprise number.

Now on to figure out how to map the Imail Person attributes to openldap 
inetLocalMailRecipient attributes for use with sendmail routing.

Thanks again for your excellent help.