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Re: dn2id.dbb and id2entry.dbb files

It's in the names of the dbb files. The id2entry.dbb file contains the full 
entry mapped to an id, hence the name id2entry. The dn2id.dbb file contains 
mappings between the dn of an entry and the id of the entry. The 
[index-attribute name].dbb files contain mappings between indexed attribute 
values and the id's of the matching entries in id2entry.dbb. That's how all 
dbb files of teh OpenLDAP ldbm and bdb backend link together. When the 
backend performs a search with an index attribute as key, it will search the 
index dbb files for a match, get the id linked to the match and retrieve the 
entry from id2entry.dbb by using the id found when searching the index dbb 
file as a key.



On Wednesday 29 October 2003 17:31, Ma, Donghai wrote:
> Dear OpenLDAP users,
> What data are stored in the dn2id.dbb and id2entry.dbb files?  I know they
> are related to cached entries and DNs but I'd like to know the exact
> answer.  I couldn't find the answer after searching the mailing list
> archive.
> Thanks,
> Donghai Ma
> ADC - IP Cable Group
> donghai.ma@adc.com