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Re: I need some suggestions on a setup...Designing LDAP network structure

So you want mail in two places?  I don't understand to combination of
the terms "instead" and "as well as".

Correct. This is not my preferred method of setting this up. I'm not sure the thought process behind it. I'm going to need more clarification today, since last night it was skimmed over. But, from what I gather, they want to be able to keep the 'important' mail on the Mail server itself (Running IMAP) and then have all other email stored on a separate server.

The user will save their mail to an alternat place?  This really doesn't
make any sense.
I agree. Not sure the thought process behind it. :)

NFS doesn't do authentication.  Samba does, Cyrus does, PAM does, etc...
Storeing you mail in a filesystem is just *DUMB* anyway.  Setup an IMAP

I already have a Mail server running Courier-IMAP. Are there any other suggestions?
Like I said, i'm not sure why they want to do this, but they do.

It may be that I dont even need to use LDAP for this. Since i'm running LDAP on my PDC, i was curious if there was a way to tie the servers together.

I appreciate the help.