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RE: LDAP Installation Error(s)


This is quite a bummer.  I realize that everyone is busy.  But I hope that
someone can find it in their heart to give me a hand, I would be in much
appreciation.  I tried reinstalling the BerkeleyDB Package and reinstalling
OpenLDAP, I have even rebuilt my entire server three times and each time I
receive the same error.  Basically I am just trying to get LDAP running so
we can have a global address book for our employees.  I have consulted the
BerkeleyDB howto and the OpenLDAP howto and I have followed it as closely as
I could.  I am not just running here asking for help, and I have done quite
a bit of online research using CrossNodes, Google Groups and OpenLDAP.org.

Can someone please take a look at the error message below. I will be happy
to supply any additional information that is needed to help figure this out.

I am using RedHat 9 on i386, SleepyCat BerkeleyDB 4.1.25 and OpenLDAP

Thanks Again!

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Subject: LDAP Installation Error(s)


Following the openLDAP installation guide, man pages, etc... I received the
following errors when performing the MAKE TEST. Can anyone tell me what
these test results mean and possibly what I need to do to fix them? I am not
too Linux savy, but I have been tasked with getting this done... So far I've
got this far, just need a little assistance to getting to the end...

cd tests; make test
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/local/src/openldap-2.1.23/tests'
ln: `./data': cannot overwrite directory
make[1]: [test-bdb] Error 1 (ignored)
Initiating LDAP tests for BDB...
>>>>> Executing all LDAP tests...
>>>>> Test Directory: .
>>>>> Backend: bdb
>>>>> Starting test000-rootdse ...
running defines.sh
Datadir is ./data
Cleaning up in ./test-db...
Starting slapd on TCP/IP port 9009...
Using ldapsearch to retrieve the root DSE...
Waiting 5 seconds for slapd to start...
./scripts/test000-rootdse: line 49: 12473 Segmentation fault $SLAPD
Waiting 5 seconds for slapd to start...
Waiting 5 seconds for slapd to start...
Waiting 5 seconds for slapd to start...
Waiting 5 seconds for slapd to start...
Waiting 5 seconds for slapd to start...
./scripts/test000-rootdse: line 57: kill: (12473) - No such process
ldap_bind: Can't contact LDAP server (81)
>>>>> Test failed
>>>>> ./scripts/test000-rootdse failed (exit 1)
make[1]: *** [test-bdb] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/src/openldap-2.1.23/tests'
make: *** [test] Error 2