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Re: Directory Structure

Asaf Shakarchi wrote:
In our hosting company, we have a directory that contains any information about our customers,
So one customer can have several services, thus, we create several CNs for each Customer per service.
We thought about changing the directory to something that easier to maintain and easier to read
How slow will it make the queries? Is it a common way of building a directory? Or should I stick with the current one?

It is common to put all accounts/identities under the same branch or node of the DIT to prevent the duplicate entry problems. The search speed will depend on many things such as hardware, platform, indexing, and amount of data. In general, though, searching on an indexed attribute through a pool of many thousands of entries using reasonable hardware and sane configuration should still be very fast.

I would recommend you consider defining your separate objectclasses as auxiliary extensions of inetorgperson and putting all customer entries under a single ou node participating in whichever classes they need. That way you have a single record for a customer regardless of whether they use DNS, email, web or all three. Good design up front could save you some headaches.

Jon Roberts