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Re: SOLVED: Format of ACL (feature request)

)On Tue, 28 Oct 2003, Ace Suares wrote:

> The whole idea of 'SOLVED' in the subject was to close the discussion ;-)

Discussions are never closed, in a free society.

> But, reacting:
> > The patch is simple: are comments stripped out before or after continuation
> > lines?  My background says the former, but I'd have to check my FORTRAN
> > books for early references.
> At the moment, comments are, contrary to my intuition, stripped AFTER
> continuation lines have been joined. In bash, it's the same:

/bin/bash?  I was talking FORTRAN, 40 years ago.  My memory fades me,
but I believe that your intuition is correct; first deal with comments,
then see what's left.

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