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Re: ldapsearch query.

Sridhar Bandi wrote:


unfortunately, I will not be knowing the entries under "ou=local" entries, they
might be some random users whose names are not known. I would like to list all
the entries under all "ou=local".


This presumes that both John and Tom are unique in the organization.

What you can also do, is to wrap ldapsearch in a simple custom shell (or
other other programming language) script that repeatedly calls
ldapsearch with different parameters. By using 'echo -n' and 'read' and
using variables in a shell script, you can even make your search

But I would want to make achieve in a single search to avoid the network delay.

It's possible and I do it with my own routines in PHP4, but the mechanism is essentially as I described. You'll be looking at programming your own client. or getting someone else to do it for you.

Good luck,


Tony Earnshaw

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