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Re: SOLVED: Format of ACL (feature request)

Ace Suares wrote:

access to *
# comment
	by *

Although 'lines that start with # will be ignored', this ignoring happens only after continuation lines are joined.

In this example, the 'access to *' line is NOT continued, because the next line DOES NOT start with a whitespace.

Actually, according to Kurt who changed this in documentation, the 'by *' line becomes part of the comment !

The previous example should be read as:
access to *
# comment by *

Since 'access to *' is not a complete statement, slapd gives an error.

Someone once posted to the list (it was before the middle of My last, when I wiped my home/mail directory using the well-known nose trick) that he'd produced a patch to allow comments in the middle of ACLs and was anyone interested? No-one was, so he went away again.

Personally I put all my comments before the start of each ACL, sometime 2 or 3 lines.


Tony Earnshaw

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