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question on replication issues

My goal is to have one ldap server which replicates to about 4 other 
machines and then have those machines act as clients that use their interface as the ldap server.  THis is the fix the problem of 
ldap dropping offline and then client machines not be able to resolve 

Is this possible?  I thought I had replication up and running and I've 
tried what I suggest here and it's not working at all.  I could be that I 
have replication setup wrong.  Here's my config:

primary server:

# Create a replication log in /var/lib/ldap for use by slurpd.
replogfile      /var/lib/ldap/master-slapd.replog
# Replicas to which we should propagate changes
replica host=replica.methanesea.intra:389
        bindmethod=simple credentials=xxxx

replication server:
updatedn        "cn=manager,dc=methanesea,dc=com"
updateref       ldap://ldap.methanesea.intra

Should this work?

I'm kind of in a bind so I'm hoping someone can help me out with this.