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Re: Question about logging

I could tell you to put a dash (-) in your syslog.conf file so it
batches the writes to the log file and would reduce the performance

However, to do that I would have to admit that I had violated your
companies security policies by reading a piece of email that was not
addressed to me and that therefore I had no right to read.

Therefore, I shall not tell you that the correct syslog.conf file entry

local4.debug          -/var/log/slapd.log

Good Day,

Today at 12:20pm, Dave Shepherd wrote:

> All,
>   I have a problem regarding the re-direction of the ldap logging using
> /etc/syslog.conf.
>   In a (very good) book I have "LDAP System administration" from
> O'Reilly it states that all debug logging information is logged using
> LOG_LEVEL4, and that adding the following line to /etc/syslog.conf will
> redirect this debug information as appropriate:
> local4.debug		/var/log/slapd.log
>   And it does, but I have a pretty serious (well at least to me)
> problem.
>   1. A simple ldapsearch time increases by some 49 seconds, basically
> resulting in failed authentication requests from my freeRADIUS server
> running on the same host.
>   As soon as I remove the syslog.conf entry and recycle the syslogd, my
> ldapsearch response times go back to a sub 1 second response.
>   This occurs on 2 servers:
> 	ldap1   = SuSE8.1
> 		  openldap2-2.1.4-26
> 		  openldap2-devel-2.1.4-26
> 		  openldap2-client-2.1.4-26
> 	radius1 = SuSE8.2
> 		  openldap2-2.1.12-44
> 		  openldap2-devel-2.1.12-44
> 		  openldap2-client-2.1.12-44
>   Any thoughts.
> Dave
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