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Re: Monitoring SLAPD

I use Intermapper as well and another package that seems to work even better called sitescope (http://www.mercuryinteractive.com/products/sitescope/). These are in addition to cronjobs that monitor the process, and load balancers in front of the servers that do health checks.

On Oct 25, 2003, at 4:37 PM, Chris Whalen wrote:

I’ve been using Intermapper from Dartmouth University for 7-10 years as a tool for monitoring resources on the network.


You can have it login to an openldap server to check.  It also monitors host of other things.



Since OpenLDAP plays a very critical part in our organization I would be glad to know if there are any suggestions how to monitor SLAPD process, also, recommendations about monitoring from remote that SLAPD answers correctly.