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Re: segfaults when using ldap and monitor backend?

--On Friday, October 24, 2003 9:04 AM -0500 "Gerald (Jerry) Carter" <jerry@samba.org> wrote:

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Has anyone else seen slapd (openldap 2.1.23, bdb, 4.1.25)
crashing on startup when using:

~ database ldap
~   <pointing back to the localhost>
~ ...
~ database bdb
~ ...
~ database monitor

?  It's definitely something about the monitor
backend since the crash goes away when I comment
it out.  And the monitor backend runs correctly
when the ldap proxy backend is commented out.

Hi Jerry,

It sounds to me more like a conflict between back-ldap and back-monitor. Have you tried putting the back-ldap definition after the back-monitor definition?


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