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Uid case sensitive


I've a problem with uid case sensitive.
My system is a Red Hat Advanced Server 2.1 I've a Openldap 2.0.21 Release 1
When make a login to my workstation with a user i've this situation:

JOHN uid:9025(JOHN) gid: 505 (1°group) groups = 505 (1°group), 506(2°group)........

john uid :9025(JOHN) gid 505(1°group) groups = 505 (1°group)
so i can't resolve the secondary groups
all my users are defined in uppercase and the applications are associated to secondary groups.
The result is that the users are able to make a login to the workstation, but there can't do anything else.
There is a way to turnaround this problem?

Thanks in advance