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suggestion on design new DIT

Dear all,
I'm quite new in administrate OpenLDAP.
I Have been install a version of OpenLDAP to my Debian unstable.
Now I want to manage information which contain my costumer information. They are: Company Name, Address, Contact Person, Tel/Fax, DNS Domain Name dan Email Address, etc.

further, I want to use that information for my qmail, mailserver.

Now, I need a suggestion about designing Directory Information Tree that fit with my need.

OK, if i imagine my tree like this,

             |                       |
        ou=customer1           ou=customer2
             |                       |
uid=shiro@customer1.co.id   mail=masumi@customer2.co.id

Note: "mail" atribute taken form qmail.schema

in "organizationalUnit" objectClass i do not find possibility to store costumer DNS domain name, while my customer in this situation at least have one DNS domain name, e.g. costumer2.co.id.

for other functions, we also need customer DNS domain name information

any suggestion for me how to store customer DNS domain name in this situation ?

Sorry for my bad English, I'm Indonesian :)


Reza Iskandar Achmad