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Adding entry problem

Hi All,

Hi have a Linux RedHat 8 ( kernel 2.4.18), running Samba-3 authenticating in OpenLDAP version 2.1.22 with Berkeley DB version 4.1.25.

Yesterday, the machine was booted forced, after that the OpenLDAP don't be up anymore until I remove de log.0000000001 and run db_recover.

Today I saw that an user entry that were added to OpenLDAP moments before the machine shutdown, isn't listed in OpenLDAP and when a try to add this user.... the system respond that user already exists !!

The following message appear in the OpenLDAP log file:

=> bdb_dn2id_add: put failed: DB_KEYEXIST: Key/data pair already exists -30997

When a try to remove de user entry, the system said that entry does not exists !!

I try to stop OpenLDAP a run db_recover again and run slapindex, but the nothing change....

Someone could help me ?!

Best Regards,

Alexandre Biancalana