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Re: Documenting schema

> Just thought I'd ask, has anyone put together any nice "user" 
> documentation for a local schema?  I'm not looking for a technical doc 
> full of ldif, OIDs, and a lot of formal language, but more something 
> that is oriented to a potential directory client user just so they have 
> an idea of the overall schema organization, what is where, and what 
> potential values different attributes might have.
> If anyone has something they think works well, please email me a sample 
> or reference.  Many thanks,

I don't know if it is what your looking for but I've posted a draft copy
of the "Morrison Industries Enterprise Directory User's Manual" to -

This is a draft of a User's and Administrators Guide to how we use
OpenLDAP and related software, sort of as a real-world example.  This
isn't a complete document (yet) as people throw bits in in their spare