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Re: docushare

--On Tuesday, October 21, 2003 1:41 PM +0100 William Dossett <billd@emtex.com> wrote:


Kind of a long shot, but just wondered if anyone has heard of a
product from Xerox called Docushare, and if so if anyone had
gotten it to use OpenLDAP?  I've configured it as best I know
how and while it passes the connectivity test, it won't authenticate
users yet. It works with netscapes directory server and M$ active
directory apparently... but I don't have those and I already have
all my users and details in OpenLDAP ... so if on the offchance
anyone has configured the two of these to work together, I would
literally pay for any consulting or whatever to get them working
as I haven't made any progress in the last 2 days on this now
and I'm running out of time.

Hi Bill,

We have a docushare deployment here @ Stanford. We currently do not have it accessing our directory service (old Netscape or new OpenLDAP) at all. We will probably be exploring the route sometime in the not too distant future. I can keep you posted on what we discover, if you like. However, it probably won't be within the timeline you seem to be under.


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