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Re: Extra output from ldap_search ?

Ace Suares wrote:

I am not using ACI's at the moment and I don't see the need, really. Your solution might work but... well. Not elegant.

Elegant as the pest ;) rather. But they need a mind like yours and a few more months to sort them out. They need an application front end.

How do others do that ?

Remember I told you I didn't want a MySQL backend to sort out Openldap ACL problems? well, if you choose for ACIs, then I'll string along. The problem is, though, that what is there of ACIs today could disappear tomorrow, according to the docs.

I am sure you have webinterfaces to your directory. How do you make sure that you display 'the right thing' to users? Is it hardcoded in your app ?

Bet Peter uses ACIs.


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