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Re: TLS with GQ

Robert Fitzpatrick wrote:

Thanks to all who help me get TLS working. I seem to be having problem
getting GQ to work with TLS. If I specify the Host/URI as
ldaps://mydomain.com, it connects and that TLS status says 'off'. If I
check the 'Enable TLS' option, I get an error saying 'Couldn't enable
TLS on the LDAP connection: Operations error Additional error: TLS
already started' and the directory will not display.

TLS (SSLv3) should only be given on a port for which SSL is not already enabled and running. Usually this is port 389 on a server which can implement TLS. So don't use ldaps, use ldap:

Yes, I'm a GQ aficionado - I'm using 1.0.2alpha at the moment and very happy with it :)


Tony Earnshaw

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