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RE: Problem connecting using TLS

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> Robert Fitzpatrick <robert@webtent.com> writes:

> > I copy the cacert.pem to my RedHat Linux 9 workstation and 
> verify it as
> > follows:
> > I put 'tls_cert /home/robert/cacert.pem' in my home directory in
> > .ldaprc.

> > Any ideas why I can't get connected?
> You have not created any client certificates, that is, no 
> clientcert.pem
> nore a clientkey.pem and not signed this certs. 

Wrong. You need to use "tls_cacert" for the CA cert, not "tls_cert".

tls_cert is for a client certificate, which as Dieter says, you don't have.

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