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Re: Install Help

Whenever anything goes wrong in configure, I always delete the entire source directory tree and unpack the distribution tarball again. That's a brute-force way to be sure that there is nothing "cached" from the previous failed configure. There may be a more elegant way to do that but this way is foolproof.

Also you may need to look at your LD_LIBRARY_PATH, LDFLAGS, CCFLAGS, and CPPFLAGS to be sure it's finding and using your newly-build BerkeleyDB 4.1 and not whatever RedHat has installed by default.

On Monday, October 20, 2003, at 01:57 PM, Brian Sullivan wrote:


Trying to install Openldap v. 2.1.22 on a Redhat Linux 9.0 box. The configure script rejected the Berkley Sleepycat version so I read that 4.1 is needed. I downloaded BDB 4.1.25, configured, make and make installed. No problem. Went back to configure the openldap and it crapped out on the same error. Anyone know what I have done wrong?