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ACL's: giving anonymous access (mod_auth_ldap)


I am using mod_auth_ldap with apache2, so far so good.

mod_auth_ldap can log in anonymously, look for the attribute 'uid' and compare 
it to user input, retrieve the dn, and rebind with the found dn and the user 
supplied password. 

I had a set of ACL's that didn't allow this. I thought I needed to change each 
rule to give search access to attrs=uid,objectclass and read access to 
atrrs=entry. Then I found this:

access to attrs=objectclass,uid
	by anonymous search stop
	by * none break

access to attrs=entry
	by anonymous read stop
	by * none break

I have put these on the top of the ACL-list.

When searching as anonymous, it has search access to attrs=objectclass,uid, 
and read access to attrs=entry.

But if it's NOT searching anonymously, it assings 'none', but then goes on to 
match the rest of the ACL list.

Is this the standard way it's done? Anyone with experiences in this matter ? 
Other ways of doing it ?


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