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Re: ldapsearch fail with Active Directory...

At 05:11 AM 10/17/2003, Patrick Gelin wrote:
>openldap: v 2.1.21-1 with RedHat 9.0
>Active Directory: v 5.2.3790.0 (windows 2000)
>I'm using this command with an Active directory server (there is
>approximately 40000 users):
>ldapsearch -W -x -z 10000 -b "dc=rpn,dc=ch" -D "cn=Utilisateur
>LDAP,cn=Users,dc=rpn,dc=ch" -h rpndc1.rpn.ch -p 3268
>And the result finish with:
># search result
>search: 2
>result: 4 Size limit exceeded
># numResponses: 1001
># numEntries: 1000

Since the number of entries is not greater than the client provided
limit, a server limit must have been enforced a more restrictive

BTW, limits in the client's ldap.conf are not used where explicit
limits have been specified (as you did with -z).

>So why there is this limit? I know this Active Directory server limit is 30

It's somewhere in your server.  Suggest you take follow-ups to an
AD-specific forum.