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Re: ldapsearch fail with Active Directory...

Patrick Gelin wrote:
ldapsearch -W -x -z 10000 -b "dc=rpn,dc=ch" -D "cn=Utilisateur
LDAP,cn=Users,dc=rpn,dc=ch" -h rpndc1.rpn.ch -p 3268

And the result finish with:

# search result
search: 2
result: 4 Size limit exceeded
# numResponses: 1001
# numEntries: 1000

I ran into this a couple of months ago with different client software and the thing to note is that both the server and client can specify a size limit. Unfortunately, the error message won't tell you which limit got exceeded. If you're sure about the server's limit, then Tonni advises correctly: check your ldap.conf file.

Jon Roberts