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passwd sync dirxml -> openldap - ;binary syntax

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hi list.
im about to implement a datasync between nds8.7 (novell edirectory) and openldap. creating and modifying objects in nds and the resulting action in openldap directory works fine.
but i ran into one problem (indeed i think it's not a problem but a config issue), that was mentioned on this list before.
i was not able to get required information out of that posting. kurt@openldap.org spoke of hacking the server. i am not too deep into "hacking", thus i am not sure if i have to edit sourcecode, or hacking means a non-desirable configfile.
my problem:
when chaning a password of a user-object in nds, dirxml will try to modify the userPassword-attribute of that object in my ldap-tree. but dirxml tries that with ;binary syntax. the result is this error in the log and a not modified userPassword.
"date,... conn=1 op=1 RESULT tag=103 err=17 text=userPassword;binary: option "binary" with type not supported"
because of this error, userPassword;binary is not recognized as userPassword attribute and the action fails with unknown attribute type.
is it possible to force slapd to accept that syntax? does anyone know how i could change the format of the string sent too slapd in the modify/add statement? as far as i got, the doc of novell says that dirxml cannot transform data formats. however is it possible to write and plugin xslt stylesheets that will do transformations of the xlm documents sent to the dirxml ldap driver. i don't know what to put in that file.
thanks for any ideas
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